Meet the Team

We are a team of digital natives who cannot live a day without surfing the web. With passion and versatile visual sense, we handcraft every project with originality and structure .
This means that we have a dedicated director, producer, creative story builders, and project managers.


  • Hsin-Wei "ADI" Chen

    (Eng. below)
    1984 年生,但外出總是被驗證件,新竹芎林客家人。什麼都覺得有趣,熱愛的事情有點過度廣泛,興趣是了解事物的因果關係以及收集別人不要的東西。重視溝通,跨領域地以平面、影像、動畫作為媒介,將複雜的資訊轉化為適合一般網路使用者理解吸收的內容,致力於推廣有趣知識。
    Born in 1984, but always gets ID checked. A native Hakka from Hsin-Chu,Taiwan. Her interests may be a bit too broad, see the process of discovering the underlying cause and collecting items that seem redundant is fun. She’s a content maker for internet users. Setting communication as the highest priority, she worked cross-borderly with graphics, video and motion graphics as medium, transforming complicated information into understandable contents for everyone.
  • May Lee

    Graphic Designer
    (Eng. below)

    多媒體動畫系出身,將一切來自動畫的知識與技能與設計做結合,致力於創作 Graphic Design。不止是喜歡一切美好的事物的視覺動物,更喜歡創作美好的事物。好奇心過剩,認為天文地理、人事時地都可以是設計的靈感來源,所以崇尚包浩斯設計也喜歡超級英雄、憧憬侘寂美學也看漫畫。希望透過設計,將美好的訊息傳遞出去。

    A visual animal. She is really into watching and creating. She graduated from University of Arts with a degree in Multimedia and Animation Arts. For now, she chose to bind what she accumulated from animation and focus on Graphic Design. Not just admiring Bauhaus aesthetic and wabi-wabi, she also reads comics and manga. Literally taking inspiration from anyone and anything. Furthermore, she hopes to spread positive messages through making beautiful things.
  • Chien-Hui Chung

    Contracted Illustrator
    (Eng. below)
    她另一個身份是 Pocky 老師。從幼稚園起便接受美學教育長大,她曾作過繪畫、雕塑、裝置、錄像、手作小物... 但沒有一個是拿手的絕活。這也是為什麼成為 Pocky 老師投身美學教育,比起自己作自己的,她更愛把點子丟給孩子們,並鼓勵他們透過創意思考,她享受每一個被孩子們的純粹、不受限制的想像力嚇到的時刻,也期許自己可以像他們一樣。
    Also know as "Teacher Pocky," she was raised by the arts education in Taiwan since kindergarten. She can do painting, sculpture, installation, video, handmade stuff but nothing seemed to really master. Teacher Pocky currently working in arts education. She throws idea to kids and encourages them to think creatively. She enjoys to be surprised by those pure, unlimited imaginations happened on kids' masterpieces. And she wished to be like them somehow.